InstantKB.NET 2011 BETA 1 - Online Demo

Hi All,

Hope your all very well. I'm delighted to announce you can now test drive the forthcoming InstantKB.NET 2011 release via our online demo at…

To login as and administrator please use…

Password: admin

This demo shows the forthcoming ticketing support. You'll notice you can also submit bugs within the online demo via the "Submit Bug" tab. This tab demonstrates how you can extend ticket tabs & create your own tabs to capture unique important to your business.  As with other data entry forms you can custmoize the fields displayed to users under any tab & add custom fields to capture unique data.

If you visit the Staff CP (accessible via the top-right once logged in as an administrator) you'll notice a new set of features to help you manage user submitted content.

Within the Admin CP you can define service level agreements to help manage customter expectation or define automated rules & escalation rules which can execute based on specific conditions or workflow stages to help automate & streamline the support process.

We are very excited about the possibilities with this new release and I could ramble on for hours. For now I'll let you play with the demo and discover the new features in your own time,

Please remember of course this is a BETA release so if you encounter any problems or indeed have any questions please don't hesitate to email me directly on or use our contact form.

Stay tuned for some further news regarding a revamp of our web site here at InstantASP. We expect this will be around the same time as the 2011 BETA 2 release.

I look forward to any feedback and keeping you all posted during the BETA :)