Google Maps Plug-in for InstantForum.NET 2010

Hi All, As part of the forthcoming InstantForum.NET plug-in documentation & samples we've been developing a number of cool little plug-ins for InstantForum.NET. As well as being functional these plug-in samples will also serve as a learning tool demonstrating key concepts of plug-in development as well as offering sample code showing how your plug-in can directly manipulate  the host page & as well as injecting a plug-in onto any specific page or location.

One of these plugs-in directly modifying the InstantForum.NET "Who's Online" page to add a Google map with markers representing all your visitor locations. This plug-in works by taking the IP address from the InstantForum_WhosOn database table, we then use the GeoCityLite API to get latitude and longitude coordinates for the IP address. Finally we use the Google Maps API to add Markers & Info Windows to the map showing all visitor locations....


Test Drive Online

Whilst not 100% accurate this plug-in offers a neat alternative view to your communities "Who's Online" page.  You can see this plug-in in action at

This plug-in along with a number of other samples will be available for download very soon. Please keep an eye on our blog for further information. If you have any suggestions for plug-ins you'd like to see for either InstantForum.NET or InstantKB.NET please don't hesitate to send your suggestions to me directly on

I look forward to posting further information very soon :)