Versioning within InstantKB 2016

I hope everyone is well. As we are getting close to our InstantKB 2916 release I wanted to share some of the improvements you can expect to find in this update.
For InstantKB 2016 we’ve introduced a new set of versioning & auditing tools to offer support agents a detailed history of all changes made to articles within your knowledgebase.

Version History

When editing any article within InstantKB 2016 you’ll now see a new Version History button within the toolbar at the top of the article. The Version History button shows you the current version for the article and also allows you to access a complete history of all previous versions.
You can see the current version for the article we are editing as shown below…

When you click the new Version History button this will present a new view showing a complete history of all updates made to the article. You can see this below…

1. Select 2 article versions to compare edits

2. Shows the automated version number and allows you to access a preview of that version

3. Shows the date the version was saved

4. Shows the work flow step the content was placed into

5. Shows who made the change

From the Version History view you can select 2 versions to compare all the changes, additions and deletes between those 2 versions. You can see we’ve selected 2 versions to compare below…

Once you’ve selected the versions to compare simply hit the Compare Selected button.

Comparing Two Versions

The new version comparison view allows you to compare any 2 versions of the same article side by side. A diff gram is provided to highlight all changes between the versions you are comparing. The diff gram shows which lines were added, removed and modified.

1. Shows the current version you are comparing and allows you to select any other versions

2. Shows who saved the version and when the version was saved

3. Shows all additions, removals & edits on a line by line and character by character basic

4. Allows you to preview the selected version or roll back to the selected version

5. Allows you to jump back to the version history view or open the diff gram in a new browser window

6. Shows a legend / key to explain the highlighting withn the diff gram

With the side by side comparison both views are kept in perfect sync as you scroll horizontally or vertically to help you easily compare changes between versions.

Previewing Previous Revisions

You can preview any previous version of an article as this would of appeared within your support center. You can access a preview link from the version history page or when comparing two versions. You can see we've previewed version 7.3 of an article below. If you are previewing a previous version this is indicated within the article as shown below...

Reverting / Rolling Back Articles

You can now easily rollback to a previous version or save of an article using the new “Rollback” button shown on the version comparison page.When rolling back the master article will be updated to the version you are rolling back to and a new version will automatically be created for the rollback.

That’s It!

We are excited to share these forthcoming improvements. Please stay tuned for further blog posts related to our InstantKB 2016 update. As always if you have any suggestions or questions related to InstantKB please don’t hesitate to comment below, post within our forums or contact us. I look forward to sharing further news soon.

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