InstantKB 2015-2 Released

Hi All. I hope every is well. We are delighted today to announce the release of our InstantKB 2015-2 update.

Alongside resolving a number of smaller issues identified since our InstantKB 2015-1 release our InstantKB 2015-2 release introduces a number of improvements & new features.

What's New

The most highly requested feature added to this release is the ability to now set working hours within InstantKB 2015-2 for agent departments. This lets you define the hours you provide support.

The new working hours for agent departments are now taken into account when a due date is calculated for issues based on the SLA associated with issues. For example if a customer submits a support ticket that has a 6 hour SLA on Friday at 3pm GMT and you only provide support Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm GMT the due date that is automatically calculated for the ticket will set to Monday at 12pm GMT. This is 6 working hours after the ticket was created.

Before InstantKB 2015-2 the due date for the ticket would simply be calculated based on the time the ticket was received so in this example this would be set to Friday at 9pm and of course your support agents may not be available at this time

The new working hours feature is the largest change in this update however we've also improved several other areas. For example you can now view the original / raw email for tickets that are generated from emails. We've added a new Find Similar option when viewing a ticket to show any existing similar tickets. We've streamlined our Edit SLA page and introduced a new option to automatically associate a specific SLA to any inbound issue based on the contact list the sender belongs to.

For a complete list or additions, fixes & improvements please see our upgrade documentation.

Downloading InstantKB 2015-2

Existing InstantKB 2015 customers can download the InstantKB 2015-2 update right now from your license page.

To upgrade your existing InstantKB 2015 / 2015-1 installation to the latest 2015-2 release you will need to execute a single upgrade script against your database and replace a handful of files. For further information please review our InstantKB 2015-1 to InstantKB 2015-2 upgrade article.

That's It!

As always thank you to everyone who provided feedback that contributed towards this release. We hope you enjoy the new upgrades of course if we can assist with any upgrade questions please never hesitate to contact us or open a support ticket.

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