InstantKB 2015 Released

We are super excited to announce the next evolution of our leading ASP.NET help desk. InstantKB 2015 is the culmination of just over 5 months work and as you'd expect we've introduced a whole bunch of highly requested features, fixed hundreds of niggly issues and continued to improve many existing areas.

What's New

Email, Facebook & twitter Support

If you deliver customer support via email, Facebook or twitter you'll love our InstantKB 2015 update. With InstantKB 2015 you can now monitor any number of email, Facebook or twitter accounts and convert questions from these channels into support tickets within InstantKB. Better yet you can leverage all the automation features built into InstantKB to ensure questions are routed correctly. Your support agents can even respond to email, Facebook or twitter questions right from within the InstantKB Agent Control Panel.

Live Chat & Phone Support

For our customers who offer live chat or phone support InstantKB 2015 now also tightly integrates with both Olark and twilio out the box to provide awesome real-time live chat support and offer the ability for support agents to make or receive VoiP calls to and from customers right from the agent control panel.

CRM Capabilities

To help you better manage the people who contact you with questions we've introduced a new Contacts page within the InstantKB Agent Control Panel. We've also introduced a new feature called Contact Lists that help you organize the people who contact you. Contact Lists can be used as conditions within rules to allow you to route and handle questions in different ways from users in specific contact lists.

New Documentation Tab

You'll also find a new documentation tab within InstantKB 2015. This new documentation tab provides a unique interface designed to help you easily publish full blown product documentation & help customers more easily navigate this documentation. You can see the new documentation tabs in action with our own documentation.

Improved Agent Interface

To help you manage all the new issues from these new support channels we've also revamped our UI and introduced a brand new interface to help you easily manage thousands of articles, tickets or contacts.

And So Much More...

For a complete list of all the new features & improvements that can be found in this update please see our InstantKB 2015 release notes.

Breaking Changes

There are a few breaking changes for customers looking to upgrade from a previous version of InstantKB to the latest InstantKB 2015 release. These are small visual breaking changes and won't affect your data. For further information please see our InstantKB 2015 Breaking Changes articles.

How To Upgrade

Our InstantKB 2015 update is a free upgrade to existing customers who purchased a InstantKB 2014 license on or after June 1st 2015. If you purchased InstantKB 2014 before this date you'll need to purchase the InstantKB 2015 upgrade.

If your eligible our InstantKB 2015 release will be available right now for download from your Licenses page within your My.InstantASP account. Once you've downloaded InstantKB 2015 please review our upgrade documentation for assistance with your upgrade or of course don't hesitate to contact us or open a support ticket with your questions.

That's It!

As always we sincerely hope you enjoy the new features & improvements offered within our InstantKB 2015 release. We'll be publishing further blog posts over the coming days and weeks to showcase some of the new capabilities within InstantKB 2015. Please check back from time to time.

We'd love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions with regards to our InstantKB 2015 update of course please never hesitate to contact us, open a support ticket or leave a comment below.

For Now. Happy Help Desking :)

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