InstantKB 2015 RC 1 Released

Multi Channel Customer Support

Hi All,

I hope everyone is well. I'm super excited to share with you today our first release candidate for the forthcoming InstantKB 2015 update. This update  is now available to existing InstantKB 2014 customers upon request. If you would like to request access and help us ensure a stable final release please contact us or comment below. To show our appreciation for your support & feedback we will of course ensure you get a free 2015 upgrade once released. 

Online Demo

You can check out all the new features & improvements via our new InstantKB 2015 online demoWe'll be populating our 2015 demo with some sample data over the coming days so you can get a better sense of how things work with some real data.  

Whats New

As this is such a huge update there is simply to much to share in a single blog post. To give you a sense of what's new we've put together some new pages to highlight the new features & improvements. 

Supporting Ticketing (Improved)

Multi Channel Customer Support (New)

Self Service Support (Improved)

Help Desk Automation (Improved)

 Flexibility (Improved)

CRM Features (New)

Help Desk & Self Service Reports (Improved)

 Security (Improved)

That's It!

I'm going to keep this post short for now but wanted to share this exciting news. Now we are in the release candidate phase we are expecting the final release in the coming weeks. This also means we'll now have more time to share with you news on the individual improvements & updates coming in our 2015 release. 

As always if you have any questions regarding our InstantKB 2015 release please don't hesitate to contact us, post within our community forums or comment below.

P.S. We have also updated several areas of our web site today in preparation for the 2015 release. If you encounter any problems please don't hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your patience whilst we work to ensure all areas are fully operational again.  

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