Super simple related articles within InstantKB 2014-1

Our InstantKB 2014-1 release will be available next week. This update resolves a few minor issues we've discovered since the 2014 release however more importantly the 2014-1 update now significantly improves the related articles which many of you have been requesting. 

With InstantKB 2014-1 you can now search for existing articles you wish to relate to the current article you are editing. Once found you can simply click the article to add the relationship. You can see this demonstrated in the screen grab above. 

This also means when content titles change you no longer need to update related links within other articles that link to the changed content. This was a real pain point previously, this update will eliminate this problem going forward. If an article title changes now this will be reflected within all other articles that include the article as a related link. 

Once you've added a related article you can easily remove this by clicking the article title within the new "Manage Related" tab as shown below...

To offer further flexibility you can still link to external 3rd party web sites or downloads if needed from the "External Links" tab...

From an end users prospective related articles or related links will still be displayed at the very bottom of each article within the related links section....

That's It!

Please stay tuned for further news on our 2014-1 update very soon. This will be released next week and I'll be popping a post here to announce the availability. As always If we can assist with any questions related to this release please don't hesitate to comment below or contact us.

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