InstantKB 2014 lets you copy & paste screen grabs


We've always allowed you to embed images into articles or support tickets within InstantKB. However previously this was a little painful as you would have to first save the image locally and then upload the image via the “Image Manager” when composing or editing content.

This works great for one or two images however if you are embedding lots of images into your articles or support tickets these extra steps can quickly become time consuming. 

With InstantKB 2014 we now let you simply copy and paste images directly into articles or customer support tickets from your computers clipboard. 

To embed a screen grab within InstantKB 20144 you simply need to hit print screen on your keyboard to capture your screen grab and copy this image to your computers clipboard. Then either right click within the WYSIWYG editor where you would like the image to appear and select paste from the context menu or simply place your cursor in the correct position within the article or support ticket and press CTRL+V / CMD+V to paste the image into the editor. 

We've also tested with several popular screen capturing software  to ensure these work well. 

We hope this improvement will save you time and frustration. This was quite a highly requested feature for our 2014 release and a problem we encountered nearly every day so I’m pleased we managed to complete this in time.  

Thank You

We are very close now to the final InstantKB 2014 release. Our next blog post will likely be the release announcement to please stay tuned.  Thanks to everyone so far who has provided feedback during the BETA. Special thanks to Doug, Jeremiah, Chris & Assen.

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