InstantKB 2014 shows you your top customer service issues

We've included several new reports within InstantKB 2014.

Our new search reports show you all search activity within your knowledgebase and helps you identify the top issues your customers are searching for. 

Our new search reports also let you easily identify how you can improve the content within your knowledgebase to better serve your customers. We do this by highlighting common search terms that didn’t return any results for your customers. This helps you identify content you can add to help your customers and ultimately reduce your inbound customer support overtime. 

All reports can be filtered by a specific date range.  For example maybe you wish to review all the search terms performed in the previous month only to see how you can improve. Or maybe you wish to review all the search terms used by customers after a new product or service launch.  

That’s It!

Our InstantKB 2014 BETA will be available for download in the coming days. If you’re an existing InstantKB customers and would like to help us ensure our 2014 release is as robust as possible please don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us

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