InstantForum 2016 Released

Hi All. I hope everyone is well. I'm super excited to announce today our InstantForum 2016 release is now ready & available for download. This update introduces over a dozen new highly requested features and many smaller bugs fixes & general improvements.

You can find a complete list of all updates & changes within our InstantForum 2016 release notes linked further below however to summarized I've highlighted the main new features below...

What's New

  • Reported Posts View
    This offers a single view for moderators to see all reported posts & the reasons given for the post report. Moderators can now also see all reported posts for a particular user within the new central user moderation dialog.
  • User Warning System
    Moderators can now issue warnings against user accounts and optionally send the user a customizable warning email or private message. These warnings are then visible to all other other moderators within the new central user moderation dialog.
  • Central User Moderation
    A new central moderation dialog allows moderators to see information about users and take actions against user accounts. This dialog now displays information for the user account from services like StopForumSpam upfront helping moderators determine if accounts are geniune. .
  • True Thumbnail Images Within Posts
    Two files are now saved when users embed large images within posts. The smaller image is embedded within the post (saving bandwidth, speeding load times) and the larger image is only loaded (via the light-box) when you click the smaller thumbnail. The dimensions for both images can be configured via permission sets.
  • Light-Box for Embedded Images
    We've added a fancy light-box for thumb nailed images within posts. This works great on both desktop & mobile and also offers additional pan and zoom functionality.
  • Windows Azure Blob Storage Support
    Images embedded within posts & profile images can now be saved within Azure Blob Storage containers. We've introduced a new FileSystem provider making file storage extensible meaning we can introduce other providers in the future for other cloud storage providers.
  • ASP.NET Identity / OWIN Support
    If your looking to integrate InstantForum into a MVC5 web site our 2016 release will make this much easier with a new extensible authentication system that now provides support for both forms authentication, windows authentication & ASP.NET Identity / OWIN.
  • Unread Posts View
    A new view on the homepage allows you to quickly see all topics you've not read or all topics that have been updated since you last read them. This works for both authenticated and anonymous users.
  • Jump To First Unread Post
    If a topic has been updated since you last read the topic we now display a link that allows you to jump the first post made since you last read the topic. We also highlight the first unread post within a topic allowing you to easily catch up from were you left off.
  • New Manage Moderators View
    We've revamped the manage moderators page within the Admin CP to better support larger communities with many moderators. This new view should allow you to more easily locate & edit q forum moderator.
  • New Sort Forums View
    You can now visually sort forums & categories within the administrator control panel. Yay :)

These are the main updates however we have made many other smaller changes which overall will hopefully make for a better experience. You can find a complete list of all updates & changes within ourInstantForum 2016 release notes.

Completely Free Upgrade

We've decided to make our InstantForum 2016 release a completely free upgrade for all existing InstantForum 2015 customers. If you already own a InstantForum 2015 license our InstantForum 2016 release will be added to your My Licenses page automatically. If you don't see this download but would like to receive access to the InstantForum 2016 release of course please don't hesitate to contact us.

All hosted InstantForum customers will be upgraded in the coming weeks to our latest InstantForum 2016 release. We'll contact our hosted customers to arrange a suitable time for the upgrade.

Why The Free Upgrade?

Whilst we've introduced a number of new features within this release we feel this is more of a maintenance release as the number of fixes & general improvements greatly outweigh the number of new features. We would like to ensure all existing on-premise customers who have supported us during the 2015 release can take advantage of these fixes & improvements at no extra cost. We hope you like this idea as much as we do :)

I'm afraid if you own an earlier version of InstantForum you will need to purchase this upgrade.

How To Upgrade

If your looking to upgrade from an earlier version of InstantForum to our latest InstantForum 2016 release please see our InstantForum 2015 to InstantForum 2016 Upgrade Guide.

Online Demo

You can try our latest InstantForum 2016 release via our online demo...

Open Demo

Thank You

Thank you as always to those who provided feedback during our recent InstantForum 2016 release candidate. Robert & David you helped us identify some important issues so thank you :)

Of course if we can assist with any questions regarding this release please don't hesitate to comment below, post within our forums or contact us.

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