InstantForum 2015 Released

I'm a little belated posting this announcement within our blog but I wanted to ensure no one misses our InstantForum 2015 release. I posted this update last week within our forums but in case you missed please read on.  

I’m delighted to announce today after several alpha & beta releases over the last two months the final release of InstantForum 2015 is now available and ready for download. This update improves a number of areas and introduces several highly requested features. 

For a complete list of all the additions and improvements please see our full release notes or what’s new page.

Existing On Premise Customer?

Our InstantForum 2015 upgrade is completely free for on premise customers with an active annual support plan. In addition our InstantForum 2015 update is also completely free if you purchased InstantForum 2014 after January 1st 2015.

If you don’t have an active support plan or you purchased InstantForum 2014 before January 1st 2015 and you wish to upgrade you will need to purchase our InstantForum 2015 upgrade using the link below…

Once purchased you’ll have immediate access to the InstantForum 2015 download from within your My.InstantASP account. Upgrade instructions can be found within our documentation here…

If we can assist with any upgrade questions or concerns of course please don’t hesitate to respond here within our community forums, open a new support ticket or contact us.

Existing Hosted Customer?

We’ll be contacting our hosted InstantForum customers over the coming days and weeks to schedule a suitable time to upgrade your installation. Please expect to hear from us soon.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has offered feedback for InstantForum 2015 over the last two months. Your feedback has been invaluable and has helped us ensure our 2015 release is hopefully our highest quality release to date. A special thank you to Robert W, Dave M, David C, Eddy, John D, Bram & Ruben.

What's Next?

We are very excited about our InstantForum 2015 release and feel it’s a huge improvement over InstantForum 2014. Software however is never finished and we are already thinking ahead to our next release.

Going forward we’ll be adding analytics and reporting to InstantForum to help you better understand your community. We’ll also be developing a RESTful API making it easier to integrate InstantForum into other applications & services. We also have lots of other improvements planned but we’d love to hear what our customers want.

If you’d like to see a specific features that would make your life easier please don’t hesitate to post your suggestions within our forums. If your suggestions get enough interest we’ll always consider these for a future update. 

Happy Community Building :)

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