InstantForum 2015 BETA Released

It looks like we've timed this just right. As the weather warms up and we see daylight into the evenings here in the UK i'm delighted to announce the first public BETA download of our InstantForum 2015 update. It looks like we may get to enjoy some sunshine after all :)

Release Notes

For a complete list of additions, updates and changes please see our InstantForum 2015 Release Notes

Upgrade Instructions

For instructions on how to upgrade from InstantForum 2014 to InstantForum 2015 please see our InstantForum 2014-1 to 2015 upgrade documentation.

I won't go into all the new features and improvements in this blog post. Those are covered in the release notes linked above. Instead I wanted to share our internal code name for the InstantForum 2015 update which will hopefully give you a feel for the goals with this release. 

The Show a Little Love Update

Yep. Internally we've labeled our InstantForum 2015 update the show a little love update. Why? Well our main focus for this release was to completely revamp a number of key areas within InstantForum to provide the best possible experience for your community members on both desktop and mobile devices.

Unfortunately the general end user experience has not had a major update since our InstantForum 2012 release when we introduced the client side JavaScript rendering - time flies. We've simply had other priories over the last two releases.

InstantForum 2013 was a complete migration of the entire code base from VB.NET to C#. and InstantForum 2014 was focused on implementing a robust spam solution and improving the user reputation system. Both of these updates were huge efforts and whilst helpful for developers, moderators and administrators these really didn't benefit the end user

So it was time to show the regular users (those people using your community everyday) a little love with our InstantForum 2015 release. 

It's really important to us what our customers and users think of our software. We want our software to be intuitive and a joy to use. We never want our software to cause confusion or frustration. It's a difficult goal to reach but we feel we've hopefully achieved a good balance with our InstantForum 2015 release. We hope you'll agree. 

Register for the BETA

If you would like help us make InstantForum 2015 awesome  please open a support ticket or contact us to request access to our InstantForum 2015 BETA. You must be an existing InstantForum 2014 customer to request access as we are seeking feedback on the upgrade process. We will have a free evaluation of InstantForum 2015 available very soon.  

InstantForum 2015 Live Demo

If you don't want to download the InstantForum 2015 BETA but would like to check things out please feel free to play with our online demo @

That's It!

I look forward to sharing further news on the final release in the coming week or two. As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to post a comment below or contact us directly. 

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