InstantForum 2015 Alpha 2 Online

I hope everyone is well. I'm delighted to announce today only one week after our InstantForum 2015 alpha 1 release our alpha 2 release is now online and ready for testing. 

Unfortunately this release is not available for download just yet whilst we resolve some remaining issues within the mobile skin. Once these are resolved we'll be moving into our first 2015 beta and will be providing a download  at this time to existing customers. 

This alpha 2 update contains a number of improvements and additions within the theme roller within 2015 to support the new design and additional visual elements. We've also improved the theme roller navigation as you can see above and moved to a vertical menu as opposed to a horizontal tab strip. This prevents the tabs from wrapping as we add further options on smaller screens and allows us to provide more descriptive section names,. 


As always you can take a look at the improvements as we progress via our  online demo linked below...

Online Demo

Whats Possible

To demonstrate whats possible with the InstantForum theme roller you can see a theme below designed 100% using the theme roller tools...

 That's It! 

Sorry this is such a short blog post but I wanted to share this news and as always we would certainly welcome any feedback. Please don't hesitae to comment below or submit your feedback via our feedback form.  

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