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I hope everyone is well. We've been helping lots of our customers upgrade their existing InstantForum.NET installations to the latest 2012 update since it's release late December. So far your feedback has been very positive.

However as with all software we have discovered some minor bugs since the 2012 release. To resolve these I'm delighted to announce our InstantForum.NET 2012-1 update is now available for download. This is a maintenance update to resolve the bugs we've discovered since the initial 2012 release.

To learn more about the updates and how to upgrade please see the following article…

Our 2012-1 update is available free of charge to all existing InstantForum.NET 2012 customers and will automatically be available from your Licenses page within your My.InstantASP account.

We have not introduced any major new functionality with this release as we wanted to focus on reducing the bug count. Once we are confident our 2012 release is as robust as possible we'll have a more substantial feature update. We have a number of exciting improvements & ideas on our road-map but want to first ensure 2012 is a high quality release.

We hope you enjoy the 2012-1 update and would suggest upgrading if you've countered any of the problems below. We've also introduced improved right to left layout support in this update for Arabic customers.

2012-1 Improvements

- Added improved right to left skin, only one change required to the CSS now
- Added sample skin that tailors InstantForum.NET to work in smaller width constraints, 850pixels.
- Added .NET 4.0 support / specific web.config file
- Added ability to quickly link a URL within the editor in Chrome (similar to the Gmail editor)
- Improved CurrentCulture call on all pages for improved performance

2012-1 Fixes

- Fixed issue that prevent topics from being printed if anonymous access we denied to the forum containing the topic
- Fixed issue sending PMs if Max Number of Recipients was set to 0 in permission set
- Fixed issue with [code] and [quote] blocks when posted in Chrome not ending correctly
- Fixed an object reference error in mobile skin if you hidden certain controls via a permission set
- Fixed issue with private messages if you entered ", ," in the username field
- Fixed issue which prevented live preview from showing all your message if the message contained "&" in the underlying HTML
- Fixed issue that didn't allow you to align text within the editor in Chrome
- Fixed issue which cased link text to disappear when editing links in Chrome
- Fixed a number of incorrect color issues in dark skin on calendar page
- Fixed "promte" spelling error in Like Pop-Up
- Fixed issue with event last edited by label not showing text correctly

We hope you enjoy the update. Thank you as always to everyone for your support. I look forward to posting further updates soon,

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MarekDura posted 9 Years Ago
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That's really a great news,we were looking since long for new update of InstantForum.NET.
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