InstantForum.NET 2011 - Going Mobile

8 Years Ago
I'm excited to announce our forthcoming InstantForum.NET 2011 update will introduce mobile support.

Our primary focus will be to provide iPhone & iPad, support however we are designing the mobile skin in such as way that it will work just as well on  Android, Windows Phone 7 & Blackberry devices.

Whilst this is still a web application we are developing the new skin to look & feel (as much as possible) like a native iPhone/iPad application. The skins will be more touch friendly and will focus on simplicity allowing you to quickly catch up and post quick messages on the go.

You can test drive this skin now. Simply visit our community forums on any mobile device.

It's still early days but I wanted to share with you some screen grabs of how this looks so far...


Can i try this now?

Yes. Visit our community forums on any mobile device to give the mobile skin a test drive. We would welcome any feedback as a response here within this topic.

Can I choose a specific skin for mobile or tablet devices?

Year. We will be providing options within the Admin CP to allow you as an administrator to select a specific skin to target a mobile or tablet device.

Can I customize the mobile skins?

Yes. A mobile skin is just another skin within InstantForum.NET. As with all skins they can be customized through CSS, master page changes, editing the mark-up etc.

How will InstantForum.NET detect mobile devices?

Using the WURFL device database via foundation.

While ASP.NET’s built-in browser detection support will be sufficient for many applications it will not recognize many of the latest devices unless you manually update e the browser definition files.

For example even the .NET 4 browser definition files are not recent enough to recognize Windows Phone 7, Android phones, Opera Mobile browsers, or Apple iPads.

We choose foundation as the foundation is being continually updated to support new mobile devices and features requested by developers.

Once a mobile device has been detected InstantForum.NET will automatically load the correct skin. .

We look forward to posting further news as this moves to release :)

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