InstantForum.NET 2010-4 Released

8 Years Ago

After several weeks of discussion within our community forums & a number of revisions I'm delighted to announce our InstantForum.NET 2010-4 update is now available for download to existing customers.  Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback for the 2010-4 releaqse.  Special thanks to Al, Ramsay, Eddy & Craig.

You can find a list of improvements, updates & fixes included within the 2010-4 release below.

2010-4 Improvements

Search Engine Optimized URLs

You can now easily enable search engine friendly URLs within InstantForum.NET.

This will transform the URLs to use forum names, topics titles & usernames within URLs whenever possible for SEO purposes.

Forum URLs

Topic URLs

Member / Vanity URLs

Back Button & Bookmark Support for AJAX Requests

With InstantForum.NET 2010-4 you can now use your bowsers back button support as you would in a traditional full post back web application. For more information please see my blog postAJAX is great but what about the back button?

Delete Attachments

When editing posts you can now delete attachments without the need to post back.

Abusive Post Reports

We've added a "Report" button to allow your community members to report abusive or spam posts to forum moderators.

New Admin Settings

Random Member Photos

You can now specify if a random member photo should be applied to new members.

Copy PMs to Sent Items

You can now always copy private messages to sent items. We felt from feedback we received this option was confusing for users. Now as an administrator you can simply choose to always copy private messages to members sent items folder.

Enable / Disable Tags

You can now disable tags if you don't require this feature from within the Forum settings page.

Show Quick Reply By Default

You now have the option to show the quick reply panel by default to ensure this is always visible for users who have permission to post within a forum.

Allow Hidden Roles

If you have lots of posts and don't have any hidden roles / member groups within InstantForum.NET you can now explictly disable hidden roles to improve query performance throughout InstantForum.NET.

Allow Similar Topics

Again for large scale communities you can optionally disable the Similar Topics displayed below a topic withyin InstantForum.NET. If your site is heavily indexed by search engines this can help reduce the load on your SQL Server.

General Improvements

We've reorganized a number of admin settings to make it easier for users to find application settings. For exapmple we've moved the CAPTCHA settings from the "Forum" settings page to the "Login & Registration" settings page.  This makes more sense as the CAPTCHA  verification code is only shown during registration.

2010-4 Fixes

  • Fixed issue with capctha code validation still taking effect even if  capctha is disabled
  • Fixed issue with wrong signature appearing in post previews when editing
  • Fixed issue with quotes in topic titles & usernames being rendered with a preceding "\" character
  • Fixed issue with instant massager links within user profiles not working
  • Fixed issue with biography field not being updatable by admins
  • Fixed issue with private messages page if message usernames contained a quote character
  • Fixed issue with admin notes not updating if you cleared the richtext editor


You can find upgrade instructions within our online documentation at…

Should you have any questions with regard to upgrading please don't hesitate to open a support ticketcontact us or post within our community forums. We'll do our best to assist with any upgrade questions ASAP.

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