The future of ASP.NET at dotNetConf 2015 - March 18th & 19th

If you’re interested in learning more about the future of .NET & ASP.NET 5.0 from experts within the .NET community don’t miss the forthcoming free 2 day dotNetConf 2015 event hosted online by Microsoft via the Channel9 web site on March 18th & 19th – in just 3 days. 

You can attend by simply visiting the Channel9 web site during the event. We’ll be interacting with the audience and learning more about what’s coming in .NET 5.0. You can check out the offical web site at or see the full agenda at

ASP.NET 5.0 will be the most significant update to the .NET framework since it’s original release in 2002. If you’re like us and looking to ensure your own applications will migrate over to ASP.NET 5.0 with minimal fuss we’d highly  recommend attending.

We hope some of you find this helpful. We hope to see you there :)

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