wuudo aims to help busy people & businesses get organized & stay productive

8 Years Ago

Over the passed few months we've been working on a new product we call wuudo. wuudo is a simple, yet powerful task management platform to help busy people & businesses stay organized & get more done. Think of wuudo as a shared to do list for your business.

We've just gone live with the first public beta and to celebrate we are giving away 50 free premium accounts to those who provide valuable feedback during the beta.

wuudo is our first fully SaaS offering so we thought it merits it’s own separate web site. You can take a closer look and learn a little more by hitting the link below…

wuudo public BETA

Use the link below to visit the new wuudo web site and create your free account to help with the BETA...

Learn More...

wuudo developer docs

Use the link below to read the wuudo developer docs...

wuudo docs

wuudo blog

Use the link below to read the wuudo blog...

wuudo blog

Get Your Free Account

Please feel free to create a trial account and let us know what you think. If we value your feedback we'll give you a full premium account for life completely free no catch. 

What Happened to Influx?

I’m sorry to say but we are starting again with Influx.

We are not happy with the current technology stack that Influx is built upon and want to use the same technology stack as wuudo

The Old Stack

The current version of Influx we use internally is all written in native JavaScript & jQuery and does not use any form of single page application (SPA) framework. This makes the client side code virtually unreadable and we know this will be different to maintain and error prone going forward. The server side code is all VB.NET web forms which we are trying to move away from also. 

The New Stack

We are starting again with Influx and using MVC4, WebAPI, C#, TypeScript, AngaularJS & JQuery. Influx will have a full REST API similar to our new wuudo product. 

We hope you can stick with us. We feel this is the best decision to ensure a great product far into the future. 


 I look forward to sharing more news and updates soon. Thank you all for your support as always, 

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