iPhone / Mobile skin for InstantKB.NET 2.0.6

Hi All,

Hope your all very well. I just wanted to share some screen grabs of the forthcoming InstantKB.NET 2.0.6 iPhone skin.

This skin will be available for download to all existing InstantKB.NET 2.0.6 on Monday 16th November from within your My.InstantASP client are at http://my.instantasp.co.uk/MyLicenses.aspx 

We'll be posting an additional blog post once the skin is available for download.

If you can't wait you can check out the skin in action now by pointing your iPhone or iPod Touch to http://kb.instantasp.co.uk/ If your using a blackberry storm device you should also get similar results.

This skin will be provided out-the-box with the InstantKB.NET 2010 release early next year.

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We look forward to posting further information. If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to email me directly on ryan@instantasp.co.uk, use or contact form or leave a comment below.