InstantForum.NET 2010-4 - You Asked, We've Delivered


It's been clear from feedback within our own community forums since 2010 that you want to see search engine friendly URLs within InstantForum.NET.  Whilst the basic URL rewriting works well and avoids the need for query stings  within the forum URLs the URLS do not contain keywords relevant to the page to help improve your SEO efforts.

I'm pleased to announce today InstantForum.NET 2010-4 will offer very friendly URLs optimized to help improve the ranking of your topics & forums within search engines.  Your forum & topic titles can now be used within your URLs by enabling a single option within the InstantForum.NET Admin CP.

Here you can see an example of how URLs like when viewing a forum…


Or when viewing a topic…


Other Improvements

We've also made a number of other improvements within 2010-4. A brief list of additions & improvements you can expect to find within 2010-4 follows…

  • Your browsers back button will now work for all AJAX requests
  • We've added a number of  new general settings allowing you to further customize how your forum works. 
  • We've added some optimization settings to help improve search performance for very large communities
  • We've improved several key database queries to move away from sp_executesql calls & local SQL string variables
  • We've removed COPPA registration to simplify registration for both users & administrators

We are expecting the 2010-4 release in the next week or two. I will of course keep our blog updated with developments. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me directly on

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