InstantKB 2018 Released

4 Years Ago

After 600 commits and lots of pizza I'm super excited today to announce the official release of our InstantKB 2018 update. This update contains dozens of new features and hundreds of general improvements to help you easily deliver awesome customer support.

For this update we've focused on three main areas. These are Articles, Tickets and Contacts. To offer a sense of the updates I've highlighted key changes below however for a complete list of all changes please refer to our InstantKB 2018 Release Notes.


For contact authors we've added new optional Markdown support. You can now choose to work with either HTML or Markdown when creating & editing support content.


You can now share or relate tickets with one or more contacts. We've also added a new quick ticket experience for support agents and improved several aspects of both the end user and agent ticket user interface.


Contacts are created automatically whenever a new support enquiry is received through web, email, social, chat or phone. We've introduced a completely new contacts interface and added a number of new search filters and visual reports. This allows you to easily locate a customers complete history and identify if customers are receiving a satisfactory level of support.

InstantKB 2018 has also undergone a complete user interface rewrite moving 100% towards our own Ignition UI framework.

Looking to Upgrade?

If you own an InstantKB 2016 on-premise license and don't have an active support plan you will need to purchase our InstantKB 2018 update. Pricing can be found here.

Customers with an active InstantKB support plan will already see the InstantKB 2018 download available within your My.InstantASP area.

For full instructions on how to upgrade from an earlier version of InstantKB please see our InstantKB 2016-4 to 2018 Upgrade article.

Want to try InstantKB 2018?

We offer a completely free 30 day trial of both our on-premise and cloud hosted versions of InstantKB. To try InstantKB with no obligation please sign-up for our 30 day free trial.

That's It!

We sincerely hope you enjoy the updates introduced within this release and get value from the new features. As always if we can assist with any questions or upgrade concerns please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket, post within our forums or contact us.

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