InstantKB 2018 BETA 1

We are super excited today to share our InstantKB 2018 BETA 1 update. InstantKB 2018 is a major update which introduces dozens of new features and hundreds of improvements.

The main highlights include...

  • New Markdown Support + Editor
  • New Drag & Drop Forms Designer
  • New Field Logic + Logic Designer
  • New Dark UI mode for Admin & Agent CPs
  • New Share or relate any ticket with any contact
  • New Global Find & Replace for articles & tickets
  • New Dedicated Documentation Space
  • New Custom Field Types
  • New Quick Ticket UI
  • New Manage Articles Search UI
  • New Manage Tickets Search UI
  • New Manage Contacts UI
  • New Reports + Improved Existing Reports
  • New mobile UI for Admin & Agent CPs
  • Updated all UI to use our own Ignition UI framework
  • Hundreds of other smaller improvements + fixes

As this is a major update we'll have a short BETA phase to ensure everything is very polished before final release in early April.


You can check out our InstantKB 2018 BETA 1 update right now via our demo at

Online Demo

To access the Agent & Admin Control Panels you'll need to login. The default administrator login details will be pre-populated on the login page within the demo.

Want to help?

If you would like to help during the InstantKB 2018 BETA phase we would love to hear from you. No contribution is to small. To get started please contact us.

Stay Tuned

We'll be sharing much more information as we move closer to final release. Please check here over the coming weeks for further announcements and deeper dives into the new functionality offered within our 2018 release. We look forward to sharing more very soon.

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