InstantKB 2016-2 Released

Hi All. I hope everyone is well. A few weeks back we released InstantKB 2016-1 which introduced the new InstantKB REST API. This has proved very popular and it's great to hear we are heading in the right direction with this.

Today I'm delighted to announce our InstantKB 2016-2 update. This is the first update to start taking advantage of the new REST API introduced in 2016-1. Of course this is a completely free update to all existing InstantKB 2016 customers.

Download InstantKB 2016-2

Existing InstantKB 2016 customers can download the InstantKB 2016-2 update right now from your My Licenses page.

Please refer to our upgrade instructions, release notes & breaking changes for further assistence with upgrading or of course please don't hesitate to contact us or submit a support request.

What's New

With InstantKB 2016-2 we've rewritten a few key areas to leverage the new JSON based REST API and introduced a few new features that depend heavily on the new REST API. These updates are detailed below...

Link To Articles Within Case / Ticket Responses

With InstantKB 2016-2 we've made it now super easy to quickly embed links to knowledge base articles when responding to customer support tickets. Depending on the user or contact you are responding to InstantKB will only return the articles the user has permission to view when embedding these within case responses. This ensures you don't link the user to an article they don't have permission to view.

Rewritten Search Suggestions

We've rewritten the search suggestions control to now leverage the new REST API introduced with InstantKB 2016-1 This allows you to now page through results within the search suggestions control without having to navigate to the full search page. The goal is to allow your users & agents to get to the information they need very quickly.

We've also re-written the search suggestions control and encapsulated all this logic within a single, reusable jQuery plug-in. This is a much cleaner approach as previously this feature required global variables and several external dependencies.

New api/search End Point

We've added a new search API to our REST end points that returns highly optimized JSON with just the data you need to present search results (title, url, rank etc).

This search API can combine both support ticket and knowledge base articles within a global search or you can also search within specific tabs to further narrow your search. Of course you can pass in simple keywords to the search API or pass in more complex objects or parameters to further filter results by specific criteria.

For example you may wish to return all articles that are within a specific work flow step or return all tickets that are assigned to a specific support agent. This is now possible with the new search API. You can also filter search results by any of the search parameters provided with our SearchEventArgs C# object.

Other Significant Changes

Private articles (or those articles that have a "Access Type" of private) will no longer be visible via the front-end user interface if your logged in as a support agent or administrator. Previously if you were logged in as an administrator or support agent you would still see private articles via the front-end user interface.

We decided to make this change so support agents can get a better sense of how your public knowledge base appears to regular end users whilst your logged in as an administrator or support agent.

Fixes & Improvements

For a complete list of fixes & improvements please refer to our InstantKB 2016-2 release notes.

That's It!

As always we hope all our existing InstantKB 2016 customers enjoy this update. If we can assist with any upgrade questions or concerns of course please don't hesitate to contact us or submit a support request. We look forward to assisting further and sharing further InstantKB developments in the near future. Happy Help Desking :)

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