InstantKB 2016-1 Released

Hi All, I hope everyone is well. Last week I announced the new forthcoming REST API for InstantKB 2016-1.

This week I'm delighted to announce the official release of the InstantKB 2016-1 update. This update introduces the first version of the InstantKB JSON based REST API.

The new REST API introduces over 55 HTTP endpoints you can call from any programming language to access or manipulate data remotely stored within your InstantKB database. We hope this new open API will allow our customers to more easily integrate InstantKB into existing systems or tools you use everyday. Going forward this will also allow us to offer officially supported 3rd party integrations for InstantKB.

We are currently working on full documentation for the new REST API and expect this to be ready in the coming weeks. In the meantime you can of course use the new visual API explorer to discover the various services available via the REST API. We opted to not delay the 2016-1 update whilst we prepare the documentation. In addition our InstantKB 2016 Active Directory module will be released early next week and shortly after the planned JavaScript SDK to easily interact with the new InstantKB REST API will be released. I will of course continue to share news here within our blog for each of these releases.

Release Notes

Alongside the new REST API & API Explorer our InstantKB 2016-1 update also introduces a number of smaller improvements and addresses several bugs discovered since our 2016 release. .

For a complete list of all updates & changes please refer to our InstantKB 2016-1 Release Notes.

How To Upgrade

Existing InstantKB 2016 customers can download InstantKB 2016-1 free of charge right now. If you already own a InstantKB 2016 license you will see the InstantKB 2016-1 download on your My Licenses page.

For further instructions on how to upgrade on premise installations please refer to our InstantKB 2016 to 2016-1 Upgrade Instructions. Of course if we can assist with your upgrade please don't hesitate to contact us.

If we host your InstantKB installation you can expect to hear from us very soon to schedule a suitable maintenance window for the upgrade.

That's It!

As always we look forward to bringing your further improvements to both InstantKB and InstantForum. Please check our blog from time to time for further updates. If we can assist with any questions regarding the InstantKB 2016-1 update of course please don't hesitate to open a support ticket, contact us or post within our support forums.

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