InstantKB 2014-1 Released

I'm delighted to announce today our InstantKB 2014-1 release is now available to existing customers for download. This update introduces several new significant improvements to related articles and article tags as well  as resolving several issues discovered since the 2014 release. 


Existing InstantKB 2014 customers can download this update. If you would like to evaluate our InstantKB 2014 release you can create your free 30 day trial account.

Online Demo

For now please don't hesitate to try our early online demo.  You can login as an administrator & staff member using the default login credentials listed below.

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Password: admin

Improved Related Content

Add Related Content

InstantKB 2014-1 now allows you to  easily relate articles together. Previously this was only possible by entering the absolute URL to the content you wished to relate within the related links dialog which could prove problematic if your article titles changed frequently.

To relate articles within InstantKB 2014-1 you can simply search for content similar to the content you are editing from within your knowledgebase and click the title within the search results to relate the content. This is access via the related links dialog and is shown below...

The relationship is handled automatically meaning you no longer need to worry about updating your related links if your titles change and you have SEO friendly URLs enabled. 

In addition you can relate content from completely different tabs and all related content takes advantage of the role based security built into InstantKB to ensure users will only ever see related content they have access to. 

Even better we'll suggest similar content within your knowledgebase you may wish to relate to the content you are editing. We can suggest this content from the title of your article or from the tags associated with your article. 

Manage Related Content

You can see all content related to the current content you are editing within the Manage Related tab. To remove related content simply click the title.


Link backs show you all the content within your knowledgebase that links back to the current content you are editing. This allows you to quickly see which content have a related link to the current content you are editing. You can easily remove the relationship by simply clicking the related content title. 

External Links 

 If you need to link to an external web page or download from an article within your knowledgebase you can now use the new External Links tab within the Related Content dialog...

SEO Suggestions

You can now use Google suggest to show search terms similar to tags associated with your content. This helps ensure the best possible SEO terms are included in your content. This is only intended as a guide and to offer you some ideas for tags and keywords within your articles. There is no substitute for good helpful content.

You can see this in action below...

Improved Views

If you customize the default view for articles or tickets and display several built-in or custom columns you've probably noticed displaying several columns can cause the table to overflow off the screen which forces you to scroll horizontally to see all columns. Within InstantKB 2014-1 we've now added horizontal scrolling to both the tabular views for articles & tickets. If the columns force the content to exceed the available space on the screen a horizontal scroll bar will now be automatically displayed at the bottom of the articles & ticket views. This also helps if your browsing  on a mobile device with a smaller screen size. This is shown below...

General Improvements

  • Add expiry column into articles columns list for optional display in grids
  • Added percent complete, SLA and several other fields to data views for tickets
  • Added progress indicator to attachment uploads


There are hundreds of smaller improvements in our 2014 update. A few of these include...

  • Fixed due date in ticket view to show correct future date
  • Fixed bug with due date not displaying correctly for tickets if a ticket had an assigned date
  • Fixed error when setting next steps for work flow steps
  • Fixed issue editing workflow step if notifications had been defined
  • Fixed issue with Admin CP link being visible within the Staff CP for staff only
  • Fixed issue with date fields not saving within Staff CP
  • Fixed several spelling mistakes & minor issues

That's It!

We hope you enjoy the improvements in our 2014-1 release. Of course if you have any suggestions or general comments please don't hesitate to post below or contact usWe've also been hard at work on our InstantForum 2014-2 release and have already made very good process. You can expect further news on our next InstantForum release in the coming week or two.

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