The new global real-time search within InstantKB 2014

We wanted to make it super easy to quickly search your entire knowledgebase with InstantKB 2014. .

Previously you would have to visit each tab to search only the content within that tab and we really didn’t have a great way to perform a global search across all your content within InstantKB. We really want to make it much easier for you to get to the knowledge stored in your knowledgebase.

To achieve this you’ll now find a new “global” search bar at the very top of every staff & admin control panel page within InstantKB 2014.

The results for your search will be shown below the search bar in near real-time as you type – no need to wait for the search results page to load. 

Even better this new “global” search will now search everything within all your knowledgebase tabs making it much easier to find articles or tickets that may help with new questions. 

This global search includes…

- All knowledgebase articles
- All user submitted article comments
- All user submitted support tickets (users & staff)
- All support ticket replies (users & staff)
- All article & support ticket attachments

Of course we leverage our role based security to ensure only content the staff member has access to is displayed within the search results.  

User Search

We've also added the new live results panel to the front-end user search. This also makes it easier for your end users to quickly locate helpful articles within your knowledgebase. You can see an example below...

That;s All!

I just wanted to quickly share these improvements. Please stay tuned for more news on our forthcoming InstantKB 2014 update very soon. 

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