The new InstantKB 2014 Admin & Staff Control Panels

For our forthcoming InstantKB 2014 update we've completely redesigned both the Admin & Staff Control Panels for InstantKB 2014. We had a few goals with this redesign and I’ll go into each breifly below.

New Responsive Design

Probably the most important goal for the redesign was to make the InstantKB 2014 Admin & Staff Control panels tablet and phone friendly. We’ve accomplished this by redesigning the main navigation to run vertically along the left of your screen. We’ve also introduced a new responsive design and elements will reflow and appear correctly on various screen sizes.  If you have more real estate on your page you can also expand the side navigation to reveal a more complete list of available navigation options.

A cleaner compose experience

We’ve moved to a completely flat design throughout the InstantKB control panels. We’ve also removed many of the icon images found within the page headers. Basically our goal was to remove clutter and make things less distracting.

Global Add

We’ve added a new “add” button to the top of every staff & admin control panel page. This is only a small change but makes it super easy now to quickly create new content or support tickets within your knowledgebase. You can create a new item under any tab…

User Comments

These are the comments your visitors can submit that appear below your knowledgebase articles. We've greatly improved the comment approval process within InstantKB 2014.  Our goal here was to make it very quick and easy for you to approve or reject user submitted comments.

With InstantKB 2014 we now display an indicator within both the admin & staff control panels header showing the number of queued & approved user comments.

We now also have a new global comments list making it much easier to quickly approve or delete comments from all your different knowledgebase tabs. This was a little cumbersome previously and required you visit the Manage Comments link under each tab to review new comments and approve or reject them. 

Better Tab Navigation

As the new design displays your knowledgebase tabs vertically as opposed to horizontally so we can now fit an infinite number of tabs within the staff navigation. Previously if you had a few dozen tabs these would be displayed horizontally and would often wrap in an ugly fashion if they exceeded the width of your screen.

But Wait. There's More

These are just a few of the improvements coming in our InstantKB 2014 update. I'll be posting further updates over the coming days and weeks with further information on the improvements and new features. There is still much more to cover so please check our blog to stay updated.

As always don't hesitate to leave your comments below or contact us if we can assist with any questions.

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