Problems searching PDFs with InstantKB.NET?

A InstantKB.NET customer reported to us yesterday he was having problems with PDFs not appearing within search results when expected. We ran over the obvious points to ensure the attachments are saved to the database & the InstantKB_Attachments.AttachmentBlob column had a full-text index.

After running through the obvious i was curious what could be preventing these PDFs from being searched.After an hour or two of investigation it appears the Adobe PDF v6 iFilter which we suggest within our knowledgebase article (Setting up full text search within InstantKB.NET) does not support some newer PDFs. For example PDFs with table of contents.

This prompted me to look for an update to the free Adobe iFilter however the only stand-alone download i could find was the Adobe v9 iFilter for 64-bit. This is great if your running a 64-bit database server however many of our customer didn't have this option.

After a little further investigation t appears you can use the latest free Adobe PDF iFilter v9 on 32-bit however for some reason the 32-bit  ifilter is not provided as a stand-alone download and require you to install the full version of Adobe Reader 9.

This is certainly not ideal to have to install the full version of Acrobat (is it still called that) on your database server however we found we got much better results with the v9 iFilter and if PDF search is critical to your InstantKB.NET installation you may wish to consider using the v9 iFilter.

In light of this information we've updated our knowledgebase article to provide further instructions on how to install both the 32 & 64 bit v9 iFilter...

I hope this helps someone :)

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