InstantForum 2016-2 Released

I hope everyone is well. It's only been a short while since our last update but we've been hard at work. I'm delighted to announce today the official release of our InstantForum 2016-2 update is now available for download.

As always this is a completely free update for existing InstantForum 2015 and 2016 customers. You can download this update via from your My Licenses page. For upgrade instructions please refer to our InstantForum 2016-2 release notes.

What's New


We've made further performance improvements to the paging algorithm used to display a list of topics, an individual topic and the list of search results, queued topics and reported posts. We've bench-marked the new paging algorithm with over 3 million posts within a single forum or 60,000 individual pages with sub 1 second load times.

This new approach uses a SET ROWCOUNT method which minimizing the number of rows we need to add to the temporary table variable used for paging. Previously we added the entire result set to page to the table variable, now we only add the rows required for the selected page to the table variable.

With this update you should see a nice performance improvement & decreased footprint for your InstantForum database regardless of community size.

User Icons

We've added new CSS based user icons to optionally replace random photos being assigned to new users. Inspired by GitHub these icons use a random set of colors which can be customize on a per skin basis and show the first charterer of a users display name. You can see an example of the CSS based user icons below...

To take advantage of these new style user icons you should ensure the "Random Member Photo?" option is disabled within the Admin CP > Login & Registration page. Once disabled new users will no longer be assigned a random photo and instead the new CSS based icon will be used. If you wish to replace the random member photos for existing users after upgrading to InstantForum 2016-2 please see our upgrade document linked above for SQL script you can run against your database.

Real Identity

If you supply a first and last name within your profile this will now be displayed throughout the forum as opposed to your unique username. This is the first step we are taking to introduce Real Identity features that will allow you to control the amount of information users must provide before they can participate within your community.

Other Notable Changes
  • Introduced malicious image upload detection (when embedding images within posts or changes profile photo / banner)
  • Consolidated user photos shown throughout UI within single control
  • Fixed issue with biography field not clearing when editing profile
  • Several small improvements to forum activity control
  • Fixed client side JavaScript errors related to Google Maps API integration due to changes introduced in 2016-1 for the CSS overhaul
  • Further changes to existing web services to align with forthcoming WebAPI
  • Several code refactorings & optimizations

Online Demo

You can take a look around our latest InstantForum 2016-1 update using our online demo..

Goto Demo

Try Free For 30 Days

We welcome you to try InstantForum free for 30 days either on-premise or within our Windows Azure cloud environment. To get started sign-up for our completely free trial below...

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That's It!

We hope you enjoy this update and of course if we can assist with any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to pop a comment below, contact us or post within our community forums.

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