InstantForum 2016 RC1 Released

4 Years Ago

I'm delighted to announce today the first release candidate for our forthcoming InstantForum 2016 update.

We are offering a release candidate as we wish to perform some final testing around the new central moderation options & azure blob storage support. We would welcome any existing customers who are willing to help to download this release. We'll be testing these areas further over the coming days and expect to have a final build available for download towards the middle of next week.

What's New

We have some exciting new features in store several of which have been requested multiple times since our 2015 release back in March. We've introduced support for Windows Azure Blob Storage & Windows Azure CDN for all user uploaded content. We've also added OWN authentication support for customers looking to integrate InstantForum into the newer ASP.NET identity authentication model.

For a complete list of all the improvements & additions please see our InstantForum 2016 release notes article.​

Downloading InstantForum 2016

As this is our first release candidate we've not automatically associated this download with existing My.InstantASP accounts here on our web site. If your an existing InstantForum 2015 customer and would like to download our InstantForum 2016 release candidate please contact us and we'll happily add this download to your My.InstantASP account.

Online Demo

You can try InstantForum 2016 release via our online demo...

Open Demo

Please feel free to kick the tires. The is a demo site so the default administrator login details are already pre-populated during login. You can login as the default administrator account to access the administrator control panel or some of the new moderation options.

That;s It!

Thank you as always to everyone who has provided feedback and suggestions for this release. You help us make the best darn ASP.NET forum and for that we are extremely thankful. If we can assist with any questions as always please never hesitate to contact me directly on, pop a comment below, post within our community or use our contact form.

I look forward to posting further news on the final 2016 release in the coming days.

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