InstantForum 2014-1 Released

It's only been 2 days since our InstantForum 2014 release and already I'm delighted to announce the release of our InstantForum 2014-1 update. This update addresses a few minor issues discovered since the 2014 release and also introducing a new option that allows you to skip the checks added in 2014 once a user reaches a specific reputation level within your community. 

Thanks to Eddy and his great team of moderators over at for your feedback. 

This update has already been added for existing InstantForum 2014 customers to your My Licenses page.   

A brief list of updates and fixes is included below....


Added new Skip checks based on users reputation level. This can help reduce false positives and ensure onces users reach a trusted reputation level within your community there details are no longer checked against the API.


  • Fixed bug with reputation level on user card if you have more than 1000 reputation
  • Fixed issue with small pager within topic list if you have more than 1000 replies to a topic 
  • Fixed issue with rich text editor within the Admin CP trying to load previews and generating a 404
  • Fixed several small visual issues when using the theme roller (paging control, loaders & background colors)

That's It!

We hope you all enjoy our 2014-1 update. If we can assist with any questions related to this release please don't hesitate to comment below or contact us.

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