InstantForum.NET 2010 Final Released :)

Hope your all very well. First let me apologise for not posting much here over the last couple of months. My attention had been on our InstantForum.NET 2010 release which I'm delighted to announce is officially available today.


We've made lots of great improvements in our 2010 update. You can learn what's new for 2010 at...


To learn how to download the 2010 update please read my recent forum post at...


A big thank you to Jason Grovert, Chris Couture, Lenka Michálská, Marcello , Craig Greenway, Scptt Rupp, Jay Aldar, Jason Tuttle, Robert Weaver, Sophie, Steve Sinchak, Vaibhav, Sean Smith, Kristoffer Sheather, David Tesar, Al & everyone else who assisted during the BETA & release candidate releases. Apologies to anyone I've not mentioned.


We'll be working to post interesting blog posts here around the InstantForum.NET 2010 update ASAP.


If you have any questions regarding the InstantForum.NET 2010 update please don't hesitate to email me directly on or pop your comments below.


We look forward assisting with any questions and working with all our existing customers to help you upgrade :)

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