A video introduction to wuudo - simple task management


In this video Scott provides a brief introduction to our new task management platform - wuudo. 

 We know there are many existing task management tools & SaaS services. We've used most of them over the years to help us manage our projects here at InstantASP. They all fell short. Being ambitious developer types we knew we could build our own – better.

Over the years we've used virtually every task manager on the market. We love our productivity tools and I’m consistently looking to streamline our work. Tools we've used include Reminder the Milk, wunderlist, Evernote, Jira, Trelo, Asana, fogbugz, GQueues, Swift Todo List, Google Calendar to name just a few..

Whilst all of these tools are great products and I encourage you to fully investigate them all before making up your own mind we kept running into the same problems that would cause us to have to change the way we worked or forced us to use other services like “If This Then That” to fill in the gaps.

Take Jira & Fogbuz. These are both top notch bug & issue tracking tools but for us they proved too complex and time consuming to use on a day to day basis. Evernote is amazing (we love our notes) but Evernote didn’t allow us to easily assign notes or set a status or a priority for a note. Whilst you can workaround some of these limitations with tags Evernote really didn't feel like a real task management tool.

Remember the Milk, GQueues & wunderlist had the opposite problem of Evernote. These tools offer some great task management features but lacked the rich note taking capabilities. Some only let you add plain text notes against tasks and some you can't add notes at all.

We also found with many existing task management tools we just couldn't organize our work the way we wanted. Many existing tools only let you organize tasks within a collection of flat lists or semi nested lists. For example Evernote lets you organize your notes into “Stacks” and “Notebooks” and GQueues lets you organize your tasks with queues or smart queues.

Neither Evernote nor GQueues let you nest or create a hierarchy for your stacks, notebooks or queues. For us this meant we ended up with a never ending list of notebooks & queues and we just couldn't organize our work the way that made sense to us.

The idea was born

After struggling for several years with these problems and adapting the way we worked time and time again to accommodate for our latest task management tool we finally had some free time late in 2013 so decided to address this problem for us and hopefully thousands of other busy businesses.

We've learnt what we like and what works for task management over the years and we hope you'll agree we've brought all the best bits together within wuudo to create a simple fast tool you can use to manage all the tasks you need to complete. We started work on the first version of wuudo in December 2013. The goal was simple – to develop our own perfect task management tool to help us run our business.

With wuudo we bring together all the features you need to manage tasks with great note taking & simple sharing capabilities. It was also very important to us this was all wrapped up within an even more impressive incredibly fast & easy to use user interface.

We know if you're busy you don't want to be fighting your task management tool or waiting for pages to load – you want to get in, get out and get productive fast. Every design decision we took whilst developing wuudo focused on speed, simplicity & providing a great user experience for you our user.

Kick the tires

We would love for you to try wuudo. If you're ready to see how wuudo can help please use the link below to create your free account and try wuudo completely free for 30 days.

create your free trial account 

If we can assist with any questions of course please don't hesitate to comment below or contact us.

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