InstantASP launches new web site + Seeking InstantKB 2014 beta testers

In preparation for the relapse of our InstantKB 2014 update we've recently launched our new web site. We hope you like it.

Our own knowledgebase, ticketing system, documentation area & this very blog are all now running the latest C# version of InstantKB. We will be offering all these themes within our 2014 release.

We are currently performing some final testing using our own web site but expect to have our first InstantKB 2014 alpha release in the coming weeks. At this point we are feature complete and simply stabilizing the code for customers.

Issues addressed with our web site update

Alongside the simpler, cleaner design we've also made a number of improvements behind the scenes. One of the most notable improvements is our move to SSL for authentication & registration. We've been wanting to make this change for a little while to give our customers more confidence whilst using our web site. I'm pleased to say SSL is now in place for all logins and registrations. This will be rolled out to other sensitive pages in the near future. 

Seeking InstantKB 2014 early adopters

We are currently seeking InstantKB customers who would like to help us ensure the latest InstantKB 2014 release is stable.

All we ask is you install 2014 once released and report any problems, errors or general feedback. In exchange we’ll offer you the final 2014 update completely free once released.

If you would like to help us improve our forthcoming InstantKB 2014 update please leave a comment below, email me directly on our use our contact form.

We hope you like the new web site. We are still working to resolve a few known problems with the new web site so if you encounter any odd behaviour over the coming days please be assured we are probably already aware and working to address this.

I look forward to posting further news on our InstantKB 2014 update very soon.

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