Why choose InstantASP hosted services?

13 Years Ago
I've just finished up another batch of support tickets, and one of the clients happened to mention that they were impressed at the speed of turnaround on their issues, and how helpful we've been since their service was set up (I'm not trying to blow our own trumpet here, so bare with me.) A certain part of me really wanted to just say "All in a days work ma'am" because, that's exactly what we're offering in our hosted services provision.

A lot of people mistake hosted services for "Hosting", but that's not it at all, compare our hosted services prices to any based hosting company, and pound for pound, dollar for dollar, they'll blow us out of the water on price. Don't get me wrong, we have the equipment, the set up, and the skills to offer hosting. But when we looked at offering hosting for our customers, what we found is that hosting wasn't really what they needed.

Hosted services are designed and priced to take the technical completely out of the hands of the customer, so that business minds who identify a need for our products, can have them expertly installed, secured, maintained and looked after by us. No installation headaches, no IS department delays, no back and forth with our support team to identify the problem, then time to establish a fix.

When you place an order for hosted services, we take that order, process it, configure your account and application(s) on one of our high spec, secured servers within our redundant network, in our secure, high availabillity Datacentre, then install and test your application. Within 48 hours of receiving your order confirmation, the next thing you receive is an email, containing all the details and logon information for your new up and running Knowledgebase and Forum.

But it doesn't stop there. Having a problem with FTP? Emails not sending from your knowledgebase? Application responding sluggishly? Open a ticket in our ticketing system, and one of our hosting team will pick it up, and go straight to the source of the problem at the server level, investigate and repair the issue. No back and forth neccessary. Is the data you store in the KB business critical? Let us know, and we can arrange a more stringent backup scheme for your data, so that in case of failure, corruption or accident, we can restore that for you*

We do our very best to ensure that when a customer opts to have us host their application instances for them, that they only need worry about how to best leverage our solutions for their business, and this is no sales pitch or marketing exercise, I'm a product developer, and the member of staff tasked with designing, deploying and maintaining the hosted services system, and I'm passionate about delivering on the needs of our customers. Through designing and developing great products, and providing a first class hosted application solution.

Hosted services has been in design and development for over a year now, and we've had nothing but positive feedback on how our customers are finding it. So if you're less technically inclined or your IS department are too busy to configure and maintain one of our products for you, get in touch, we'd be happy to help.

* Additional charges may apply.

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