Improvements at InstantASP

Some of you may have noticed the recent launch of our Hosted Services, on the back of this, several improvements have been made, with more in the pipeline here at InstantASP, so I thought I'd take some time out of my schedule to run through what those are, and what they might mean to you the InstantASP customer.

1) Hosting Improvements; the launch of our hosted services also signals an enhancement in our hosting, both of our back-end systems, such as our website, order/delivery system, My.InstantASP and support ticketing, and our licensing server, but also an enhancement in the provision for all of our Hosted Services/Software customers. Higher speed links, full system redundancy, and enhanced hardware, now means that our provision, and the applications of our hosted services customers, run lightning fast, and with as close to 100% uptime as we could hope to provide*

2) Improvements to My.InstantASP; we're currently undertaking to incrementally upgrade areas of our My.InstantASP site, in order to streamline customer service, and enhance our support provision whilst reducing response times. 

All this as well as adding new functionality for our Hosted Services users to better manage their hosting, even multiple hosting accounts, all from the one My.InstantASP account. You'll notice these changes slowly creeping into My.InstantASP over the next few weeks as they're released and we hope you find them a significant improvement. 

These improvements are based almost entirely on direct customer feedback, and we'd love to know any more suggestions or comments you have on changes, present or future!

*excluding maintenance periods.

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